When determining pricing, we take the amount of work to be completed into consideration. As such, before we can provide a concrete price quote, we would like to see a sample of the material to be edited. However, we do understand that our clients may want to have some idea as to potential cost. Therefore, if you are curious and would like to know the industry standard, please refer to the chart below comprising typical editorial rates as published by the Editorial Freelancers Association (EFA). Our rates tend to be a bit lower, but again, we do need more information in order to provide a quote.

Type of Work Estimated Pace Range of Fees
Copyediting, basic 5-10 ms pgs/hr $30-40/hr
Copyediting, heavy 2-5 ms pgs/hr $40-50/hr
(comprehensive) editing
1-5 pgs/hr $60-80/hr
Indexing 8-20 pr pg/hr $35-65/hr
$3.50-12 pr ind pg
Proofreading 9-13 ms pgs/hr $30-35/hr
Researching NA $40-75/hr
Writing 1-3 ms pgs/hr $50-100/hr
KEY ind = indexable page, ms = manuscript, pr = printed, pg = page, hr = hour, wd = word

Updated May 2012.

Industry standard for word count is 250 words. Goldenwest Editing uses a word count of 300 words per page. To calculate pages, take the total number of words, including tables, boxes, figures, footnotes and endnotes and divide by 300.

EFA cautions that this is a rough estimate for budgeting purposes only. Rates will vary based on the actual files, timeframe for completion, degree of special expertise needed and other potential factors.

We also find that hourly rates can be scary for some clients so we offer an alternative per page rate. This allows the client to have a better understanding of total cost and leaves out the potential unknown of actual hours needed for completion of your project.

For more information or to obtain a price quote on your project, please use the contact form.

Pricing Disclaimer:

Prices may change without notice, but once a manuscript has been submitted, the rates remain in effect until the project is completed.