We offer a range of editing services, depending on the level of editing your document needs.

Proofreading: Consists of correcting surface errors such as misspellings (adjust for UK or US spelling) and mistakes in grammar (use of verbs, subject-verb agreement, pronouns, sentence fragments and misplaced/dangling modifiers) and punctuation (use of commas, apostrophes, periods, etc).

Copyediting: Most documents require some level of copyediting. We edit for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage; ensure consistency of mechanics and facts, correct content and style errors; clarify confusing and awkward writing; and point out areas we cannot resolve.

Specifically, we look for errors in:

  • Punctuation, capitalization, spelling and grammar
  • Noun / pronoun and subject / verb agreement
  • Parallel construction
  • Word usage
  • Sentence and paragraph length
  • Wordiness
  • Consistency of style
  • Point out areas that need clarification

Comprehensive editing (substantive, structural or developmental): This consists of all items described under Copyediting as well as clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language and other non-mechanical line-by-line editing. Checking accuracy of quotations, citations and stated facts (when possible) and validity, cogency and soundness of arguments. Special attention is given to the use of correct and appropriate terminology and language. Comprehensive editing is the most in-depth type of editing we offer. The lead editor works closely with the author (or editor-in-chief) to ensure the manuscript meets all author or publisher goals. This type of editing often involves substantive rewrites, additional research and additional costs.

Formatting manuscript based on specific style guide or manual: Is your document complete, but lacks formatting? Most publishers, institutions and journals have specific style guides. And if you are working on a multi-authored text or submitting to multiple publications, often the style can vary. Goldenwest Editing can help you format your document by checking for:

  • UK or US English
  • Extra spaces
  • Incorrect numbering
  • Consistency of font and font size
  • Word breaks (hyphenation)
  • Widows and orphans
  • Headers and footers
  • Table of contents
  • Page numbering
  • Use of single and double quotation marks
  • Formatting references/citations, quotations, footnotes/end notes (overall as well as institution specific guidelines)

We can provide this service as a standalone, no editing or proofreading involved, or as part of our copyediting or comprehensive editing services.

Indexing: We create a professional index for your book following approved index style. We can provide you with 3-5 terms per page (varies based on content).

Resumes: Once upon a time, many years ago, Leslie created a resume for a sales professional. He was so pleased with her work that he passed her contact info on to friends and colleagues. A member of the HR department for a company that was closing heard about this service and handed out Leslie’s business card with each pink slip, offering to reimburse the separated employees for the use of this service. While this is not a well-publicized service, Goldenwest Editing does provide resume/CV write or rewrite services. We prefer to work with existing content, even if it’s a bulleted list, and we can tailor your resume to specific industry requirements.

For more information on any of our services or to obtain a quote, please use our contact form.