Working with us

Whether you are writing for print or online, first impressions are critical. Unfortunately, many authors (and organizations) don’t see the benefit of using an editor. Written materials that contain errors in grammar, word usage, spelling or syntax can damage credibility by creating the perception that the writer (or organization) lacks attention to detail. Moreover, repetition, wordiness and imprecise language can conceal your key points or message. Goldenwest Editing can help you avoid grammatical errors, develop a consistent voice and clear up ambiguity in your writing.

Goldenwest Editing works closely with our clients through every phase of the editing process. All our editors are native English speakers, experts in grammar and punctuation and have at least a decade of experience working on a wide range of subject matter. Our editors can help you in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Academic and scientific manuscripts (articles, country reports, full-sized textbooks)
  • Dissertations, Master’s theses and academic submissions
  • Magazine and journal articles
  • All types of business communications and documentation
  • Fiction and non-fiction (short stories/articles and complete books)
  • Website content

Why choose Goldenwest Editing? Our editors at Goldenwest Editing have experience as both author and editor. As such, we do understand the issues a writer faces when handing over their hard work for someone else to comment on. We’ve been there and we know what it feels like. That said, we also understand the rigors a manuscript can go through before it is accepted for publication. If this is your first time working with an editor, it’s important to develop a thick skin. We are not expecting you to be completely unaffected, but to understand that when we edit a document, we do so with the understanding that you probably won’t be sitting next to every reader explaining any issues or clarifying vague concepts. We understand that your document represents you and we want you to succeed. Reducing your level of emotional attachment will help you through the editing process and help it seem less overwhelming. We are your ally in this process and we want you to succeed; however, our goal in editing is to make your work readable to your audience.

Communication preferences: We are always happy to speak with our clients by phone to discuss needs, project progress and any concerns. However, given our global clientele and the fact that many of our clients are not native English speakers, we find that email is the best communication format as it allows for a trackable communication process and ensures that all decisions are in writing.

Process: After initial contact and discussion, usually by email, we will come to mutual agreement on documents to be edited, timeframe and cost. Dependent upon your organization we can prepare a contract outlining everything we will do and/or a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

We only accept documents as electronic files, preferably Microsoft Word. All documents are edited in Word using track changes. This allows our clients to review our work and accept/decline our edit suggestions. We also use the comment tool to point out areas that need clarification or to ask questions.

At Goldenwest Editing, a minimum of two editors will review and edit your work. Why? Because everyone needs an editor. Even us. And because we are human, we sometimes make mistakes. Using our multi-editor model allows us to provide our clients with the best editing services possible.

Payment process: Our payment process varies based on client. For those from academic or civil institutions with an established vendor process, we will usually bill upon completion with payment made by wire transfer within 30 days of receipt of invoice. For private, one-time projects, at least half the payment is due prior to start of project and completed project will not be released until final payment is made. Work on resumes does not begin until full payment has been made. Our preferred method of payment is PayPal (credit card or echeck). For domestic checks sent by mail, work does not begin until funds have cleared. Occasionally we do accept payment via barter. In the past, we have had clients in need of proofreading on such items as menus, banners, brochures and other small items. In lieu of monetary payment, we were provided with meals, coffee, logo design and even a doggy wash.