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No matter how comprehensively researched and how well written, all documents benefit from editing and proofreading to ensure that ideas are communicated in the best possible way. Since 1996, Goldenwest Editing has a proven history of providing excellent editorial services on time and on budget. Goldenwest Editing has experienced editors to help ensure overall consistency of style, readability and that the manuscript will succeed in communicating with its intended audience. Services may include general proofreading and editing, re-writing of sentences or paragraphs, and re-structuring of manuscript in line with appropriate publishing guidelines.


Proofreading: Consists of correcting surface errors such as misspellings (adjust for UK or US spelling) and mistakes in grammar (use of verbs, subject-verb agreement, pronouns, sentence fragments and misplaced/dangling modifiers) and punctuation (use of commas, apostrophes, periods, etc).

Copyediting: Most documents require some level of copyediting. We edit for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and usage; ensure consistency of mechanics and facts, correct content and style errors; clarify confusing and awkward writing; and point out areas we cannot resolve.

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Working with us

Whether you are writing for print or online, first impressions are critical. Unfortunately, many authors (and organizations) don’t see the benefit of using an editor. Written materials that contain errors in grammar, word usage, spelling or syntax can damage credibility by creating the perception that the writer (or organization) lacks attention to detail.

Moreover, repetition, wordiness and imprecise language can conceal your key points or message. Goldenwest Editing can help you avoid grammatical errors, develop a consistent voice and clear up ambiguity in your writing.

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We have a variety of pricing options available including by the word, page, hour, project or retainer.
Payment Types and Terms
For your convenience, we accept the following forms of payment:

Credit cards and eChecks (via PayPal)

Wire transfers

Institutional Purchase Orders (POs)

Domestic checks (funds must clear before work begins)



Payment method must be approved prior to start of any project. Please note that you may be responsible for additional fees for wire transfers. Check with your bank before choosing this option.

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Featured Service – Dissertation or Thesis Editing

You’ve spent years developing your planned field work, weeks at a time out in the field gathering data and months writing and rewriting your thesis. You eat, sleep, dream your dissertation. It can’t possibly have any mistakes, can it? The quick answer is, “oh my, yes, loads.”

While funds may be low and friends are quick to offer assistance, using the services of a professional English-language editor who is outside the scope of your family and friends will provide you with a non-biased perspective. As an outside party, not close to your work, Goldenwest Editing will objectively edit your thesis providing a fresh outlook on the content. You can trust us to take your work and edit for clarity, continuity and frankly, we want to help you look good and make your life a bit easier. For more information or to obtain a quote on your project, contact us.

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