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Will you write my document?

If you have engaged one of GWE’s editors, then no, our policy is to refrain from creating or changing the essential content of your document. That means, we will not write your document or create new content for you. What we will do for you is refine your document making your words shine through. If there are areas of your document that would benefit from additional content, we will point it out but it is up to you to fill in the content.

What types of documents do you edit?

Everything from academic papers on astronomy to dystopian novels involving a zoonotic disease. Our experienced editors have worked on documents from academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, governments, professional and nonprofit organizations, individual authors and publishing houses. No matter the document, we will make sure you have the right editor for the job.

What are all these balloons and marks? How do I remove them?

Your document has been edited using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes tool. The Tracked Changes version of your document shows all the change suggestions we’ve made in the text and formatting, as well as detailed comments and feedback from our editors called out using the New Comment tool. Once you’ve gone through your document, you can accept or reject each change (or choose to accept/reject all).

What types of files will you edit?

We accept most document formats including .docx and .doc (Word documents), .rtf and .txt files, .ppt (PowerPoint), .xl (Excel), and some pdf (Adobe Acrobat) and image files (these last two could incur an additional fee as will need to convert to Word for processing). We will also work within Google docs.

Do you provide a guarantee?

Goldenwest Editing makes no guarantee that the material will be 100% error-free. While efforts will be made to make it so, errors do slip through on both the Editor and Client side.

There are no guarantees in the highly competitive field of publishing. In large part, the acceptance of a manuscript for publication is the subjective decision of a publisher and its editors. This decision is subject to the whims of taste and perceived marketability of the manuscript. GWE, while working to aid the Client in preparing the best manuscript possible given the submitted material, has no way of judging the market or the whims and caprices of the publishing industry. GWE does not represent nor are they affiliated with any agent or publisher of literary works. GWE makes no representation or warranty that they can or will attempt to have the manuscript published or aid in publishing the manuscript. It is up to the Client to seek and contract with a publisher (or self-publish) for publication.

In addition to offering advice and suggestions, GWE will make every effort to bring questionable material to the attention of the Client, the Client agrees to indemnify and hold GWE harmless from any and all claims or demands, including legal fees, arising out of any alleged libel or copyright infringement committed by the Client in creating the work.

Do you have a preference for dogs or cats?

GWE stands firmly on both sides of that discussion; however, our feline helpers have been known to strike an opinion on some of the projects we’ve worked on.

I love your work, will you marry me?

While we appreciate the offer, regretfully, the answer is, no. We have found that most often, the relationship between writer and editor is best kept at a distance in order to avoid bias and bouts of emotional subjectivity.